Our Sectors

AL KASIB Healthcare covers different sectors, such as Pharma, food supplements, food, cosmetics veterinary.


Pharma is one of the four global Business Lines within the ALKASIB Healthcare. In this context, ALKASIB acts as the Competence Centre for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Regulatory Affairs. We are among the leading marketing companies for high-quality ingredients. While achieving top market rankings for all our strategic product groups, we strive to continuously innovate our business model and improve our value proposition by providing a superior customer experience, selecting the most attractive products, and complementing our services with our best-in-class partner network. Quality is at the heart of our daily work, not only within the company but also when evaluating potential suppliers and partners. All ALKASIB business partners are therefore carefully assessed and regularly audited.



Al Kasib is probably the largest distributor of products to the Dietetic, sports nutrition and food supplement industries in the EU. We have more than 1000 products for immediate dispatch. Our products are used by the most important food companies in the EU and we have the highest standards of quality and manufacturing. In most cases following GMP and / or HACCP standards our products are a guarantee of success. The main products we supply are: Powder and micro-encapsulated oils, Fatty acids, Alga and derivatives, Alkaloids, Amino acids, Antioxidants, Sweeteners, Botanical extracts, Carotenoids, Dairy derivatives, Enzymes, Fruit powders, Flavonoids, Phospholipids, Lecithins , Lipids, Marine ingredients, Minerals and trace elements, Nutraceuticals, Probiotics, Proteins, Vitamins.


Ingredients for the manufacture of cosmetic products, beauty and body care. AL KASIB Healthcare has a complete range of natural ingredients that can help you in the development of your new products and projects. The main products we supply are: Powder and micro-encapsulated oils, Essential oils, Amino acids, Botanical extracts, Carotenoids, Coenzyme Q10, Marine ingredients, Minerals and oligoelements, Proteins, Vitamins.


We supply raw materials for veterinary and animal feeds. Our products comply with various pharmacopoeias and / or “in-house” specifications. The vast majority are manufactured to GMP standards. The main products we supply are: Algae and derivatives, Amino acids, Antibiotics, Botanical extracts, Minerals and trace elements, Probiotics, Proteins, Vitamins.


For Al Kasib quality always comes first. We offer ingredients from the most prestigious factories around the world. Most of our products comply with ISO, KOSHER, HALAL certification.