Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules
The capsule can be effectively cover up to drugs unpleasant taste and odor, slender shape of capsules, easy to swallow, is the most popular consumer formulations.

Halal/Kosher Gelatin Capsules
All EHG Capsules manufactured are made from Gelatin which is HALAL certified, material for the hollow capsule by the islamic food and nutrition association(IFANCA)

Pearl Capsules
These capsules are made from silver sheen pigments. Pearl capsules are available in attractive shades which are more aesthetic in nature and that match the typical marketing requirements

TSE/BSE Free Capsules
The BSE / TSE Free Gelatin capsules are prepared under special conditions and the Gelatin certified with EDQM. This is mainly used to prevent the risk of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy.

Fish Gelatin Capsules
Empty hard fish gelatin capsules are developed to match the needs of the more health conscious consumers. Maintain the same outstanding characteristics as the bovine gelatin capsules.

Enteric Soluble Capsules
Enterosoluble capsules is produced by gelatin combined with supplementary materials and certain amount of entersoluble materials. They are disintegrate and release drug in intestine.